The Walling Company of Iowa


The Walling Company is the Midwest's leading distributor of swivel joints, loading arms & butterfly valves.  We also distribute sanitation, CIP & High-Pressure Wash Systems for a variety of industries.  And we distribute vibration monitoring equipment. Regardless of your system needs, contact The Walling Company and let us show you just exactly what selection and service are all about!


Image of the Sani-Matic logo.

Image of the Sani-Matic Washer System used.  Image of the Sani-Matic Clean In Place System.   Image of the Sani-Matic Cabinet Washer.



Image of the FMC Technologies logo.

Image of a FMC Technologies Valve.                                  Close up image of a FMC Technologies Valve.                Image of a FMC Technologies System.


Image of the Machine Saver Logo.


Image of a Machine Saver Vibration Sensor.



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