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Industrial Burner And Combustion Systems

The Walling Company offers a wide selection of high-efficiency burner and control systems. We proudly represent various systems and system components from Honeywell burner controls, Dungs Combustion Controls, and Siemens Combustion Controls.

The state-of-the-art products we carry are from industry-leading manufacturers. These modern burners and combustion systems are efficient, low emission, and help reduce energy costs to operators. Our energy-saving products not only help save operators money through reduced energy bills, but they also help reduce pollution to the environment.

Image of the Honeywell Thermal Solutions logo.

Honeywell is a company known for creating game-changing technology in many fields, including the burner and combustion industry. Honeywell combustion controls and Honeywell combustion products are built from the finest components and are on the cutting edge of performance and technology.

  Image of the Honeywell Krom Schroder logo.    Image of the Honeywell Eclipse logo.  Image of the Honeywell Maxon logo.       Image of the Honeywell Combustion Safety logo. Image of the Exothermics logo.     Image of the Hauck logo.

 Image of the Siemens Combustion Controls Division logo.

Siemens is a name synonymous with fine engineering, efficiency, and innovation. We proudly represent their line of combustion control equipment including Siemens LMV systems and Siemens boilers.


Image of multiple Siemens Gas Valve Bodies.     Image of a Siemens Master Panel.     Image of Siemens Control Valves.

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Dungs Combustion Controls provides an innovative line of industry-leading combustion products. With a strong focus on efficiency and safety, Dungs produces durable products that not only reduce your energy input costs but are beneficial to the environment as well. 


Image of a Dungs GasMultiBloc Multifunctional Gas Control.Image of a Dungs Pressure Regulator.Image of a Dungs Pressure Gauge.



We offer a variety of services to our customers, covering the sales, service, and repair facilitation of the burner and combustion control systems we represent. Our expert team of highly trained individuals knows our industrial equipment inside and out. Our team is proficient in troubleshooting most situations and providing our customers with steps for resolving any problem. When choosing a distributor for combustion control systems and burners, chose a company that has the experience and service to back high-quality, industry-leading products. Learn more about our diagnostic, service, and repair services.

The Walling Company offers highly engineered equipment to fit unique mechanical requirements for all types of industries and utilities. We pride ourselves on being experts in the most beneficial applications of the products we offer. We look forward to working with you to create a customized plan to meet all of your specific needs! Please contact us if you have any questions or for more information.





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