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Vibration Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Image of a vibration scanner used at the Walling Company.The fist question asked is: "What is vibration analysis?"  Vibration analysis, if properly done can allow the user to evaluate a piece of equipment using frequency analysis with fast fourier transform data send from the data collector to generate a spectrum.  When the user interprets the data correctly, this can be very beneficial in diagnosing any machinery issues that may exist.  Some of these issues that can be found includes; gear defects, misalignment, loose mounting conditions, cavitation, bent shafts, and even bearing failures.  All data is stored and can be trended indefinitely on a piece of equipment.  Our highly trained technicians collect and analyze data follow the criteria of ISO 10816-3, any customer guidelines, as well as Hydraulic Institute (HI) standards. Reporting is also done using an online reporting tool called Tango.  

Vibration analysis extend the useful service life of your equipment and allow you to assess the repair quality on re-built machines.  A certified, experienced, Walling Company analyst interprets the data and provides you with a detailed summary of conditions occurring in your equipment.  Maximizing your capital investment, by reducing your maintenance and utility costs, decreasing machinery failures intervals, and increasing operational readiness.  


Common Mechanical Faults identified with Vibration Analysis

  • Rolling Element Bearing DefectsCloseup image of vibration gears used at the Walling Company.
  • Loose Bearing Mountings
  • Resonance
  • Gear Misalignment
  • Belt Wear and Looseness
  • Sheave Run-Out
  • Fluid and Airflow Problems
  • Misalignment
  • Bent Shaft
  • Bearing Looseness
  • Structural Looseness
  • Gear Wear
  • Cracked or Broken Gear Teeth
  • Chain Wear & Looseness
  • Cavitation
  • Sleeve Bearing Wear and Looseness

Example of a vibration analysis spectrum measured in inches per second.  

Image of a vibration chart used at the Walling Company.

Visual Inspection

It’s all about the details when it comes to Visual Inspections. When you can’t shut the machine or process down, what next?

Strobe Light Inspection and Digital Cameras are excellent resources used to view machine anomalies while the machine is operating.

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