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Ultra Sound

Ultra Sound

Ultrasonic Instruments are used for airborne and underground leak detection, mechanical analysis and electrical inspection. They locate leaks in pressure and vacuum systems, pressure storage vessels, distribution piping systems, as well as locate pressurized water leaks. They detect electrical discharges such as corona, tracking and arcing, identify faulty valves and steam traps, trend mechanical operations to failure and help prevent under and over-lubrication conditions in bearings.


Cost of an average steam leak


Identifying and repairing gas, steam, vacuum, and compressed gas leaks can save your company thousands of dollars annually by repairing identified leaks.




Calculating the cost of air per thousand cubic feet (MCF)

The breakdown: 
0.746 KW/BHP (Kilowatts per Break Horse Power)
Average efficiency = 0.90
4.2 CFM/BHP (an average of CFM per Break Horse Power suggested from Compressor Manufacturers)


  • KWH (To run Compressor) = BHP of Compressor x 0.746 / 0.90
  • KWH X $ / KWH = Cost of running Compressor for one hour
  • CFM of Compressor X 60 / 1000 = MCF / Hour
  • Cost running Compressor for one hour / (MCF/Hour) = $/MCF


Ultrasonic Exception Report 

Can you hear a dog whistle? Most pressurized leaks occur at a frequency range above human hearing. Just because you can’t hear the leak doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Are you the customer with $500,000 escaping into space?

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