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Fire Pump Systems

Red Fire Pump System

The Walling Company is a Pentair Fairbanks Nijhuis Fire Pump distributor.

We sell to customers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Western Illinois. We offer service and repair on all makes of fire pumps and jockey pumps, and we offer training for operation and maintenance of any fire pump system.


Our UL / FM Approved Electric and Diesel Driven Fire Pumps include:

  • Horizontal Splitcase

  • Vertical Splitcase

  • Vertical In-Line

  • Vertical Turbine

  • Compact Pre-packaged Skid-mounted Systems

  • Pre-packaged Systems in an Enclosure

  • Horizontal End-Suction


The Walling Company knows that in order for your fire pump to work at peak performance, regardless of the need, a proven fire pump drive engine is needed.  Therefore, we carry only the best, Clarke Fire Protection Product and Cummins Fire Pump Drives. 

Clarke, the first name in diesel is recognized as a world leader in the manufacture and support of fire pumps engines. Clarke engines are produced in the USA and include US EPA (NSPS) emission requirements for UL-FM engines. 

Large Fire Pump System


Cummins has been delivering standards of quality and innovation in its fire pump drive engines for 25 years. By making their focus on dependability, power, and ease, we ensure our industry-leading products find solutions for every need. Through improved training and quality, Cummins continually update their models until they meet our ever-rising standards of performance.

Many of their fire pump drive engines are Underwriters Laboratories (UL)-listed and Factory Mutual (FM)-approved (consult the Specification Sheet or contact the factory for more details). All Cummins fire pump drive engines have been manufactured under the controls established by a Bureau Veritas Certification approved management system that conforms with ISO 9001:2015.


Smaller Fire Pump System


Additional Products

In addition to fire pumps, we also supply jockey pumps, fire pump parts, fire pump accessories, fire pump drivers, and fire pump controllers.  Let The Walling Company help you determine which of these additional components your fire pump needs!In addition, we have experience with fire pump controllers manufactured by Cutler HammerMaster Control SystemsMetron Inc., Joslyn Clark  and Firetrol

Fire Pump AccessoryFire Pump Accessory Panel


Our fire pump and sprinkler system accessories are provided by Fire-End & Croker.

Fire Pump Sprinkler System

We Provide Complete Fire System Flow Tests, Control Panel Diagnostics, Engine Maintenance/Performance Work


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